Forensic Advisory Services

Combining forensic accounting and investigative expertise, our professionals assist clients in investigating allegations of fraud or abuse of powers. Our team of CPAs and CFE are trained to help uncover financial statement fraud, embezzlement and other corporate crimes.
    • Asset tracing
    • Accounting irregularities and restatements
    • Board investigations

Data Analytics

Companies have rapidly growing volumes of data which potential is not tapped yet. We work with clients to develop data visualization and strategy management using Forestpin.

Rimbun partnered with Forestpin (Pvt) Ltd from Sri Lanka to be the only authorized resellers and training agents in ASEAN and have used this analytics platform to help clients improve efficiency and take advantage of market trends and potential.

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Forestpin Success Stories – MAS

Forestpin Success Stories – John Keells

Forestpin Analytics


Financial Analytics


Real-Time Fraud Risk Reporting


23rd February 2017
Using Data Analytics to Detect Fraud

2nd December 2016
MIA Forensic & Fraud Investigation Conference 2016

25th February 2016
Detecting & Deterring Financial Statement Fraud

21st February 2017
AMLATFPUAA 2001: A Compliance Program for Malaysian Reporting Institutions

27th May 2016
Fraud Risk Assessment: Building a Fraud Audit Program

29th January 2016
AMLATFPUAA 2001 Training Workshop

16th & 17th October 2016
Fraud & Corruption in the Public Sector and Digital Forensics Seminar at Akademi Audit Negara

24th March 2016
Data Breach & Cyber Fraud Training Workshop

12th June 2015
Tea Talk & MoU Signing with RFASB

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