Our Story

RRIMBUN is a boutique firm established in the year 2004 specialising in Corporate Recovery and Project Rehabilitation. In an age of short business cycles, companies require services from skilled and knowledgeable corporate recovery specialists whom can provide help in the areas of insolvency.

The success of corporate recovery lies in identifying and implementing the necessary changes and structure required for harnessing and resurrecting collapsed and trapped assets.

It is in this complex environment that RIMBUN takes a lead by implementing an effective and efficient process to sieve and rehabilitate valuable assets.

RIMBUN was founded to service corporate insolvency of companies which have failed to keep up with the fast paced and ever changing business environment of today. Our services extend well beyond the traditional insolvency practice. RIMBUN’s areas of focus has extended to rehabilitation of distressed and abandoned projects (residential and commercial) and providing Conveyancing Services.

RIMBUN employs a holistic approach to rejuvenating assets by looking beyond the insolvency of a company with its work on rehabilitation of abandoned residential projects. Our primary goal is to create value for society by turning distressed assets’ around. Our driven, motivated and network of strategic partners team has all round business and technical experience and exposure which ensure quick and successful turnaround for each contracted engagement. RIMBUN works closely with all stakeholders to identify issues, moving quickly to implement strategies designed ultimately to enhance value.

RIMBUN is committed to a holistic approach to value creation.

Rimbun Vision Mission

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